Public Notice Square


The City of Elk City, OK as sponsor for the Elk City Regional Business Airport hereby announces its proposed FY 2019-2021 Triennial DBE Goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) airport construction projects as indicated below:

Fiscal Year 2019: No Project Receiving AIP Funding

Fiscal Year 2020: Rehabilitate Runway Lighting – 17/35 (Design)

(< $250,000 No DBE Required)

Fiscal Year 2021: Install Runway 17-35 MIRL, Install Runway 17 & 35 2 Box LED PAPI’s Upgrade AWOS (Construction): 0.75%

Overall Three-Year DBE Goal FY19-FY21: 0.64%

If you would like to obtain information relevant to the goal setting process or comment on the proposed DBE goal, please email

The Airport’s DBE goal methodology is based on what the airport anticipates receiving for FY 2019-2021. Significant changes to the projects as stated will require an amendment to the DBE goal.