Elk City at a Glance

Elk City, located on Interstate 40 in the western region of the state of Oklahoma, is one of the largest communities between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Texas with a trade area of 80,949 shoppers. 

An Elk City location, evidenced by the presence of many Fortune 500 companies, provides companies with workforce talent, a competitive business climate and a new Industrial Park and new shopping centers with excellent accessibility to Interstate 40. 

A Central Time Zone location provides quick access to both US coasts.

Employment By Industry

Elk City Quick Facts

Elk City Metropolitan (12 mile radius)23,360
Trade Area80,949
Beckham Co. Population23,691
Land Area Square Miles16.19
Median Age36.8
Average Household Income$68,743
Median Household Income$50,122
Bachelor’s Degree+16.92%
Source: Elk City Quick Facts U.S. Census Bureau/The Retail Coach LLC

Fortune 500 Companies

Conoco Phillips
EOG Resources
Sherwin Williams
Auto Zone
Tractor Supply
Domino’s Pizza