Elk City’s landfill is located a little over 3 miles west of town on W. Country Club Blvd. and they continually have trash on the move.

All landfill sites fall under the regulations of the Department of Environmental Quality. While DEQ requirements are necessary, the regulations, cost of monitoring, and maintaining has forced many communities to close their landfills. Elk City has one of the few landfill sites in western Oklahoma with enough land secured to keep the landfill operating for many years.

Dominic, Delana, and the landfill crew are continually working to keep trash and junk under control. They use a formula for burying trash that consists of ten feet of compacted trash to one foot of dirt. Delana handles the office and makes hauling trash to the landfill a breeze. 

Drive-Up Operation

Drive-up hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  and Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

All loads must be tarped or fully secure from losing material along the roads.

There is a drive-up window when you arrive, scales to weigh your load, and a drive-up window to pay. Elk City residents enjoy a discount by simply bringing a copy of their water bill.

Items that are not allowed are old batteries, dirt, or liquid. They accept old washing machines, stoves, or refrigerators but take them on to a salvage yard. Dumping tires, pallets, or needing assistance unloading your trash will cost extra. Fees are listed below.

Medical Marijuana Disposal

At this present time we only receive roots, stems, stalks and fan leaves. We do not accept any dirt or potting soil from this industry. Any and all products containing THC must go to a approved facility including food products containing THC.

Landfill Fees

Landfill Fee Details

Customer TypeFee
In City: Drive up$43.04 / Ton
Outside City: Drive up$43.04 / Ton
Outside City Haulers: Non-Contract Call for rate
Outside City Haulers: Long-TermCall for rate

Rates by Disposal Type

Disposal TypeFee
Appliance$13.58 / Item
Shingles $43.04 / Ton
Brush$43.04 / Ton
Mattress / Box Spring$6.79 / Item
Non-Tarped Load$13.58 / Item
Pull-Off Fee $13.58 / Item
Small Tire$2.26 / Item
Truck Tire$6.33 / Item
Tractor Tire $27.97 / Item
Oilfield Rate$65.66 / Ton