Our Fleet Department Supervisor is Mark Turner. We have four full-time mechanics and approximately 300 pieces of equipment that this department maintains, everything from a riding mower to a $800,000.00 trash compactor. This equipment is managed through a fleet management software and tracked by mileage, hour and/or date. As a piece of equipment is fueled an employee must enter hour or odometer readings to have access to fuel.

Several of our vehicles now have what is called a radio frequency ID tag on the gas tank fill opening that will automatically turn on the gas pump and collect all data automatically from the vehicle’s OBD (on board diagnostics) port. This information is downloaded daily from the fuel system and posted to each vehicle’s record and interval status. When a vehicle has reached a service interval by date, mileage or hour reading, the fleet software displays when service is due.

Once a service has been confirmed a work order is issued with the necessary items needed to complete the service. A 27-point inspection is part of that service. Through our fleet software, management can determine several statistical pieces of information that can assist in decision making for vehicle renewal, application, and budgeting. Every dollar amount spent on a piece of equipment is forever collected and documented for cost and budgeting analysis. You may call 225.1414 to report any concern or suggestion in reference to any piece of city equipment.