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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Transportation

Article 1. Railroads

Section 23-1. Railroads to Improve Certain Streets and Alleys. 

1. When a railway occupies or crosses any portion of a street with its tracks either on or adjacent thereto, the railroad company shall improve as much of the street as is occupied by its tracks and two (2) feet on either side thereof, in a manner satisfactory to the City Commission.

2. Whenever a railroad company crosses or occupies an alley with its tracks, such company shall improve, drain, grade and/or pave such alley, in order to eliminate problems created by the presence of its tracks.

3. When more than one (l) track crosses a street within a distance of one hundred (100) feet (measuring from inside rail to inside rail), the railroad company shall grade, drain and curb the street area between its tracks and surface, in a manner satisfactory to the City Commission.

4. Railroad companies shall keep all such improvements made by them in good state of repair at all times.

Section 23-2. Climbing on Trains. 

l. It shall be unlawful for any person to climb upon, hold to, or in any manner attach himself to, any train or railroad car, while such is in motion within the City of Elk City, Oklahoma, unless such person is acting in the line of duty. 

2. It shall also be unlawful to board any train or railroad car (passenger, freight or other) without a proper ticket or the permission of the person in charge of the train or railroad car, or not in the line of duty.

Section 23-3. Speed of Trains. 

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or drive a train or railroad car(s) at a speed greater than twenty five (25) miles per hour within the corporate boundaries of the City of Elk City, Oklahoma.

Section 23-4. Loitering on Railroad Premises. 

It shall be unlawful for any person not acting within the line of duty, not having any proper business or not being on any proper mission requiring his presence there, to loiter anywhere within a railroad yard or upon other railroad premises.

Section 23-5. Blocking of Streets by Trains.

It shall be unlawful for the operator of any train to block any street intersection within the corporate boundaries of the City of Elk City, Oklahoma, at any time, for more than five (5) minutes; provided, that this shall not apply to cars in motion, other than those engaged in switching.

Sections 23-6 through 23-19. (Reserved for future use.)

Article 2. Miscellaneous Provisions

Sections 23-20 through 23-29. (Reserved for future use.)

Article 3. Penalty

Section 23-30. Penalty.