Buck’s Lodge Lunch Cafe

Job Training Opportunity for Youth
(Ages 14 to 17)

Readiness Insight Support Education


Provide work experience, job ethics, customer interaction, confidence and communication skills to youth preparing to join the work force of our community.

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Youth must complete the RISE course offered in either the spring or the fall and be at least 14 years of age in order to attend the classes. The RISE class meets every Monday for 4 weeks. During the course, youth will learn job interviewing skills, how to write a resume, as well as how to handle money and health regulations in food-based businesses. After satisfactorily completing the RISE class, youth may continue to job train in Buck’s Lodge for some work experience (and a paycheck).

An ongoing list of interested youth keeps the classes full (10 per session).

Stop by Elk City Youth and Family Programs at 321 W 5th St (just west of the Fire Department) to get your name on the list.

Marjean Greenway, Program Coordinator

Buck’s Lodge Cafe

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