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 In August of 1996, Elk City Youth and Family Programs was created by the City of Elk City in response to the escalating problem of juvenile crime and juvenile gang activity. Over the years, through the development and implementation of a multitude of prevention, intervention and diversionary programs, juvenile delinquency has been reduced dramatically. Partnerships with the Elk City Public Schools, the Juvenile Court, Law Enforcement and the Office of Juvenile Affairs have contributed to the significant decline in juvenile crime in Elk City.  

Programs available through ECYFP, include Teen Court, First Offender Program, R.I.S.E. Classes for the Youth Employment Training Program and on the job training through the lunch time café,  "Buck's Lodge", School Suspension Community Service Program, therapeutic education classes, Western Oklahoma Tobacco Control Program (WOTCP), and Nutrition and Fitness Initiative.

ECYFP is also a founding member of the Oklahoma Unified Resources (OUR) Turning Point Coalition which serves Beckham and Roger Mills counties. This coalition is made up of a diversified group of agencies and community members who collaborates on numerous community-based projects.  The Coalition's mission is to improve the quality of life for all people in the communities served. Anyone interested in attending a coalition meeting can contact Cheryl Megli. The meetings are held every third Thursday of the month from 12:00-1:00pm City Hall in the large conference room in Elk City. All are welcome and encouraged to come!


Youth & Family Services
321 W 5th St
Elk City, OK 73644


Youths in Teen Court have pled guilty to their crimes in Municipal Court - usually simple offenses like truancy, shoplifting, assault and battery, disturbing the peace at school and tobacco use... (from Daily Elk Citian)


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