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This department provides us with one of our most valuable resources ... water.

Johnny Brown, Water Plant Superintendent, and his department operate the City’s Water Plant. In 1937 Elk City moved the Water Plant from using a small reservoir east of town to the existing plant where water could be accessed through water wells. The water wells are supplied by Alluvium Terrace Deposits (composed of unconsolidated sand and gravel deposits) of the Northfork of the Red River. Currently the City has 68 operating wells with an additional 9,093 acres of water rights. The water rights are protected for future use by the Well Head Protection Program where by surface rights are managed in order to restrict pollutants.

Once the water has reached the water plant Chlorine is added. We have a 500,000 Gallon ground storage tank and a 500,000 gallon clear well. The plant has the capability of pumping 8,400 GPM (Gallons per Minute) with a backup pump operated off of a Detroit engine capable of pumping 1,500 GPM. We also have three generators that run portions of the well field and the pumps at the plant. This will allow us to keep water flowing to Elk city in case of power outages or many types of natural disasters. Then the water is pumped through three main transmission lines, two 24” and a 20” The transmission lines are tied in with the distribution system to keep a constant supply of water to the city they are also tied on to three ground storage tanks capable of storing 9 million gallons. This allows us to have a sufficient supply of water in case of any emergencies or natural disasters and also allows us to shut off pumps at the plant to conserve electricity. Elk City has long been a supporter of conserving electrical usage and working with Rural Electric Cooperative.

As you can imagine keeping a city of over 10,000 in water is a complex task. Numerous safeguards and safety procedures are in place to see that residents enjoy an uninterrupted flow of quality water which can range from 2 million gallons a day to 7 million gallons a day depending on the time of year.


12184 N. 1890 RD
RR 1 Box 226C
Sayre, OK 73662
(580) 729-2436

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For Questions about your water bill, new service conections, or leaks please contact City Hall at 580-225-3230










The City of Elk City is proud to announce that we will be breaking ground on a new water plant December 15 2014


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