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Elk City has a large system of water and sewer mains located throughout the city.

The system includes literally hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines that are in practically every street and alley in the city. This network of water and wastewater lines is maintained by the Public Facilities Superintendent, Mike McFall, field supervisor TC Perry, and three other water department employees.

Mike McFall is A-level certified in water and wastewater operations and he is A-level certified in water and wastewater laboratory.

TC Perry is C-level certified in water and wastewater operations.

They have a combined 50 years experience in the water and wastewater field.

They repair leaks, install new service connections, repair and clean sewer lines. Maintain fire hydrants, read water meters, lay water and sewer lines, and a variety of other duties associated with the distribution and collection system.

Elk City currently has approximately 5800 water meters in use in the distribution system.

Water rates are some of the lowest in the State.

It is the goal of the entire water department to try and maintain those low rates while keeping the system in top shape. This is a never ending challenge that often times require change.

One change that is being carefully considered is to move to an automatic meter reading system rather than the current method of manually reading meters.

The auto-read system will not eliminate jobs, rather it will allow water department personnel to concentrate on the infrastructure and make improvements before a problem develops.

Another advantage to an auto-read system is that it will alert city hall when a customer has a leak. This could potentially save the customer a lot of money. There are many other benefits to the system. If anyone is interested, they may contact Mike McFall and he would be happy to talk with you about any questions you may have.

Elk City has always been a progressive city. This is just another example of how we keep moving forward.


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