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                               Top row left to right Keith Sake, William Pruitt, Teddy Anderson Jr., Eddie Bagby                   

                                                           Personnel Left to right back row Keith Sake,                                                               Bottom row left to right Chris Shick, Jeremiah Baker (Suprv), Michael Brewer

Jeremiah Baker is our City’s Sanitation Department Supervisor. We have two full time and one part time sanitation collection drivers.  We use several Department of Corrections personnel to deliver and repair dumpsters..

Residential Schedule

The City runs one part time and two full time trash trucks to service the City’s approx. 4500 dumpsters.  The full time trucks run four ten hour days M, Tu, TH, F. The part time truck runs M - F approx. 6 hrs per day.  All residential dumpsters are picked up once per week accept for very unusual circumstances that may require added service.

Residential Dumpster sizes and placements

There are two sizes of dumpsters that are used 3yd & 1.5 yd. 3 yard are the most common. In most locations where there are houses on both side of an alley one dumpster per every four residence  is used and if houses only on one side,  one per every two residence  is used. When a residence is  isolated and are a good distance away from their closest neighbor a 1.5 yd dumpster is used for that singular residence.

Commercial Schedules

Commercial account collections and schedules are included with the residential collection schedules with the exception that they may have several pickups per week as required to meet their needs and budget. The part time trash truck covers Commercial accounts that require added pickups outside of a day that one of our full time trucks are not in the area.

Commercial dumpster sizes

3 yard dumpsters are provided.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

20 & 40 yard dumpsters are available for those larger projects. Fees for this are $105.00 one time delivery fee, $3.50 per day rental, $36.00 per ton for waste within and $260.00 service fee each time a 40 yard roll-off is serviced and a $215.00 service fee for a 20 yard roll-off each time it is serviced. There are currently 33 roll-offs in circulation for rental on an as available basis.


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New Saturday Hours at the Elk City Landfill
The City of Elk City would like to inform residents that it is against City Ordinances to stack trash, tree limbs or any other type of debris in the City alley ways or around the dumpsters without prior arrangements with the City to have it removed.


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