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Right-Of-Way Department

Sam Acuna is the City’s Right-Of-Way Department Supervisor. Right-of-ways are the areas that are 15 to 20 feet from the roads curb edge, drainage easement areas and alleyways. The right-of-way department manages and maintains all the City’s right-of-ways by way of Spraying herbicide to control weeds, mowing, edging, tree trimming, street line stripping, traffic signals, school flashing lights and street .sweeping. The main purpose is to aid in good clear visibility of road signs, traffic control lighting and the overall appearance of the City’s right-of-way easements.

Herbicides – We spray many gallons of different types of herbicide blends each year to control pre & post emerged weeds. Due to the rapid growth of weeds as compared to grass, herbicides help in reducing the need to mow more often and therefore reduce man and equipment hours it would take to keep our City as well groomed as possible in our high visibility areas. Extensive application records are kept listing all the areas treated. City parks herbicide application needs are also covered by this department.

Mowing – There are five mowers that run 8 hour days 5 days per week during mow season and some smaller equipment that handle some of the City’s facilities.

Edging – We have four a man crew that edge and do our weed eating. You may have seen the orange four passenger Kubota vehicle transporting the crew around town.

Tree trimming & removal – In the fall we run two tree trimming crews & one chipping crew. We establish a list ahead of the crews by way of riding each and every street and alley out and organizing that list in a fluid manner that the crews follow, to keep our crews as organized and productive as possible. You may call 225.1414 to report any foliage that may be obstructing view or poses a danger to the public.

Signal lights – Signal lights are on a maintenance schedule through software that prompts the service person by way of date triggers to perform certain preventative maintenance events. The City has extensive maintenance records of these service intervals as they have occurred. We currently have six intersections that have video detection and seven that use what is called and inductance loop. Detection is the method by which an intersection determines when a vehicle has arrived into the intersection and tells the computer it’s there and ready for a green light when possible. Video uses zones that are drawn on the asphalt through a monitor and when a car is in the zone a signal is detected. An inductance loop uses a figure eight wire that is implanted in the asphalt that detects metal objects that arrive in the wired area, sending a present’s signal to a computer. All the City’s lights were converted to LEDS that use one tenth of the energy of the incandescent bulbs of old and save a significant amount of electricity to operate.  You may call the Police Department at 225.1212 with any signal light issues.

School zone lights – These are the flashing yellow lights you have come know in our school areas. These warning systems are also maintained in a similar manor as our signal lights. Call 225.1414 to report any school light issues.

Street Sweeping – The City runs a full time sweeping schedule. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday, The Downtown is swept early in the morning starting at 4:00 AM. When through with downtown the operator continues on with his established list of the City’s main thoroughfares. Due to variables such as volume of debris and equipment problems that may arise. This list is followed in an until finished manner and once finish the operator starts at the beginning again. Residence may call in special request to have an area swept at 580.225.1414.

Suggestions / Concerns – We urge our citizens to call 225.1414 with any suggestions or concerns that would better our efforts and overall operations in this department.


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Preventative Weed Control In Our Right-Of-Ways
The City's Right-Of-Way is now four months into it's City wide tree trimming program.



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