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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

Sign up in person at the library, providing name, address, phone, place & phone of employment, verification of present address and an Elk City reference with a different address and phone number.

How long does it take to sign up for a library card?

It only takes a few minutes to sign up at the library.

Does checking out a book cost anything?

Elk City Carnegie Library cards are free to residents of the trade area so that items checked out and returned on time are free. Our paperback exchange is one-for-one trade. Items provided thru Inter Library Loan do have a mailing fee reimbursement.

What if I lose my library card?

Be sure to notify the library if your card is lost or stolen to limit your liability against unauthorized use. A replacement card costs $3.00.

How long can I keep the items I check out?

Books and Audios check out for 2 weeks. Videos for 2 nights, Magazines check out for 1 week. Fines are accrued on books, audios and magazines at .05 per day; $1.00 per day for videos.

Can I renew the checked out items?

Yes, unless another customer has requested the item or if the item is 30 days overdue.

Can I renew online or by phone?

You may renew online by e-mailing or at Contact Us; or you can call the library at 580 225-0136.

I lost/damaged an item. What do I do?

If an item can no longer be circulated due to loss or damage, you will be charged a replacement cost of the item. You will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear.

Is there a fee for Internet use?

No, the library has multiple workstations available at no cost except for printing (black and white/color).

Any services offered to the visually-impaired or handicapped?

Services include ADA facility w/Braille locators, Large Print collection, Audios (fiction/non-fiction; cassette/disc), and Adjustable work carrel. Plus some easy-to-read adult materials.

Libros en espanol?

Si, libros, revistas, materiales y servicios para ninos y adultos.

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