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Mar 01 2012
01:25:55 PM

Fire Hydrant Cleanup

The Elk City Fire Department is currently testing and repainting cities fire hydrants (the hydrants are color coded to indicate water volume). City code states, "it is unlawful for any person to in any a manner, obstruct access to any fire hydrant by placing around or thereon brick, lumber dirt, or other thing." As the fire department has conducted testing of the hydrants they have noticed that some residents have landscaping or shrubbery blocking access both visual and physical to the fire hydrants.

Please be aware if you have any obstructions in your yard that it is your responsibility to remove the landscaping or shrubbery so that the fire hydrant is visible from the road no matter what direction the fire truck may be traveling. The fire hydrant also needs to be physically accessible as they either test the hydrant or in case of fire. It would be a shame for a fire to burn longer than necessary due to the fireman having to try to find the hydrant. Your help in providing access is appreciated.

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