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May 13 2014
10:45:00 AM

New Web Payments

Elk City now offers flexible payment options for credit card/debit card customers.   Web payments allow you to access your Utility bill(s) 24 hours a day/seven (7) days a week.  Customers can elect to receive electronic statements as well as choose to either go online to pay bill(s) or setup the utility bill(s) on recurring payment (some customers call it "auto" pay ) with your credit card or debit card.    When you use the web payment feature there is a $2 convenience fee for the service but if you select recurring payments the $2 convenience fee is waived for the following months.  Web payments are drawn on your credit card or debit card the 1st of each month.  **Please note that when you initially sign up for recurring payments after the first of the month, you must pay the bill for that month (including the initial $2 convenience fee) and then your account will be setup for recurring payment the following month.   click here to check out the web payments.



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