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Jan 01 2013
12:00:00 AM

WTC All Hazard Training Tower Campus

“It’s about Safety, it’s about Partnership, it’s about Economic Development, it’s about great Public Relations and it’s about finally having a Western Technology Center Campus in Elk City”, said City Manager Anita Archer.  This new training tower and classrooms will make western Oklahoma a safer place.  If we save one firefighter, one first responder, one police officer, or one civilian’s life or injury it will all be worth everything.   The safety issue is number one!

It’s about Partnership, initially it is a partnership between the City of Elk City and Western Technology Center, one that Elk City has long desired and anticipated.  It is also a partnership with all the safety personnel in western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle where safety personnel can train and simulate safe ways of fighting fires, handling hostage situations, and much more.  The partnership saves time and money and makes training feasible and practical for many who previously could not afford the time or expense to travel to similar training facilities.

It’s about Economic Development, not only will Elk City save by not having to send personnel to other training facilities but we will benefit from many, many people coming to our community where they will eat and many times stay in our motels, perhaps for days at a time.   Financially, Elk City will see a return on its investment.

            It’s about great Public Relations as every time a community considers coming for training they will mention Elk City in a positive way.  Our community’s name will be heard throughout the region and that has value as well as pride.

Finally, it’s about finally having a Western Technology Center Campus in Elk City.  Along with the tower itself, will come classroom in which training will be conducted.   The 8.75 acres is more than what was required for the Training Tower itself and will allow for classrooms to be constructed on site, while leaving plenty of room for expansion. Other classes can also be taught in these classrooms.  Training programs that Elk Citians desire can have a home right here in our community. Yes, Elk City made a significant effort to make this project happen.  It shows vision, effort and commitment on the part of city leaders and elected officials working on your behalf!


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